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How is my order confirmed?

Orders received online, fax, email or telephone call through our salesperson will be replied with a confirmation quote via email or fax provided by customer. Only after an acknowledgement reply is sent by customer, then the order is deem confirmed status.

How soon should I confirm my order?

Orders should be confirmed with our sales staff at least 2 working days before delivery. Delivery time slots are subjected to availability at the time of confirmation. Customers are advised to confirm early to secure a preferred time slot.

Can I make changes after an order is confirmed?

A : In general, unless specified otherwise under the particular type of service eg, Butler service, tentage rental, customer can call our sales coordinator at least 3 working days prior date of event to make changes.

Does the pricing include GST?

Both pricing with and without GST are reflected in the individual menu and services.

Is the food Halal?

Orchid Thai Catering is Halal Certified by MUIS.

Can I cancel my order after confirmation?

Yes you can cancel an order, however our cancellation policy terms will apply.

A ) Customer agrees to notify Orchid Thai Catering three (3) days in advance from the event date if Customer wishes to cancel the buffet order.

B ) Customer agrees to compensate Orchid Thai Catering 50% of the total buffet costs should Customer cancel the order less than three(3) working day from the event date.

C ) Customer agrees to compensate Orchid Thai Catering 100% of the total buffet costs should Customer cancel the order less than one(1) working day from the event date, ie. no refund allowed.

What are the available payment modes?


*A 3% administrative
charge on top of the total bill is applicable for Credit & Debit Cards payments.

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