At Orchid Thai, we have actively participated in various campaign, community & charity events with volunteer welfare organizations (VWOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs). We strive to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices and generate positive shared outcomes in the communities where we operate.

Social - Community Engagement

Thru the years, we participated in fundraising initiatives, community projects and activities with beneficiaries;

  • Thong Teck Home for Senior Citizen
  • Malay Youth Literary Association (PPPPM)
  • Nanyang Technology University Welfare Service Club
  • Renci Hospital
  • Teck Ghee CC Youth Club (Project PACSA 2015)
  • SGH Needy Patients Fund

Orchid Thai actively support initiatives organised by Singapore General Hospital Needy Patients Fund, which is dedicated to provides interim support to patients and their families who required assistance for medical consumables to ensure they are able to reintegrate back into the community with the necessary treatment and care.

SGH Needy Patients Fund is managed and administered by SingHealth Foundation, an Institution of Public Character (UEN Number T02CC1576B) under Ministry of Health.

ECO - Environmental Sustainability

Orchid Thai is a ISO & HACCP compliant company, we strive to avoid activities which impact or have potential to impact on environment by continuous improvement of procedures and adopting technology innovations ;

  • Establishment of waste management systems and recycling programs
  • Promulgation of its environmental policy and its programmes to all employees, vendors & suppliers
  • Identify, control and eliminate this potential in every sphere of activities. Ultimately this aspect reduces the possibilities of negative impact on environment resulting out of operations.
  • Environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable & recycling
  • Actively support national environmental activities initiated by government agencies and educational programs through partnership and participation with educational institutions

For sponsorship, collaboration of social causes, please EMAIL to: