Long long time ago…

Creating Memories with You

Since its inception in 2001, Orchid Thai Catering has been working relentlessly towards offering the finest and the freshest gourmet available; serve by our utmost sincere staff.

We aim to provide all customers with fuss-free service for all occasions accustom to individual customer’s taste, preferences and budget.

To cater to various preferences of our customers, we have our halal certified central kitchen ready to fine-tune our cooking technique to a healthier choice so as to meet our customers’ dietary requirements and health related needs.

Orchid Thai Catering

Orchid Thai @ Bowyer

Our Culinary Philosophy

Orchid Thai believes that high-quality food stays memorable with our customers. We consider preparing unforgettable food an Art, and we will always challenge ourselves to provide value for money and innovative cuisine which reflect creativity and elegance together with our genuine services.


Ultimately, we dedicate ourselves to make “All Orchid Thai customers are happy customers”.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best valued foods and beverages in
an atmosphere that meets the needs of customers to relax and enjoy their meals.
Ultimately, we dedicate ourselves “To create memories with all Orchid Thai customers.

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